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John Lewis: Sweet deal for Hungerford Hill

DEAL DONE: Vendor James Kirby (left) and buyer Sam Arnaout seal the Hungerford Hill purchase with a handshake outside the Broke Road, Pokolbin, winerySYDNEY hotelier Sam Arnaout, who last July bought the 48-hectare Sweetwater vineyard estate and its lavish Southern European-style mansion, is now buying the Hunter’s prestigious Hungerford Hill wine brand, 300-tonne crush capacity winery, vineyard, function rooms and leased restaurant.
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The sale was confirmed last week by Hungerford Hill vendor James Kirby, who said the new owner planned to retain all Hungerford Hill staff and to continue to champion the emerging Tumbarumba and Hilltops wine regions.

Sam Arnaout is managing director of Iris Capital, which owns a string of Sydney pubs, including the Clovelly Hotel, The Bourbon in Potts Point and The Grand at Bondi Junction, and is a major Sydney apartment developer.

No purchase price was disclosed, but Hungerford Hill had been up for sale through Jurd’sReal Estate Cessnock at a reported asking price of $6 million.For a price said to be near $12 million, Jurd’s sold Sam Arnaout the Sweetwater estate, in Sweetwater Road, Rothbury, on behalf of property developer Duncan Hardie, the originator of the Huntlee new town project.

The 16-hectare Sweetwater vineyard’s grapes have produced a string of trophy- and gold medal-winning shiraz reds for ace Hunter winemaker Andrew Thomas. The property also has plantings of cabernet sauvignon and semillon.

James Kirby said that contracts for the sale of Hungerford Hill had been signed, with settlement expected in early December 2016. Troy and Megan Rhoades-Brown would continue their lease of the two-hatted Muse Restaurant in thesite’s landmark building.

Sam Arnaout’s purchase of Hungerford Hill had reinforced his commitment to the Hunter Valley.

“I’m thrilled that the winery will continue as a family-owned business,” James said. “Sam shares my passion for fine wines and will continue to build on the fantastic achievements of all our team.”

Under the 14-year Kirby control, Hungerford Hill built a fine reputation for innovation – the latest beingThe Underground Projectbrand with five inaugural wines from Tumbarumba, McLaren Vale, Coonawarra and the Barossa and the 2015 Tumbarumba Pinot Noir is reviewed below.

The Hungerford Hill brand dates back to 1967 and was bought from Southcorp in 2002 by James Kirby, whose family were founders of the James N. Kirby refrigeration and engineering group. Having acquired the brand, the Kirbys gave it a home by buying what was then the One Broke Road property fromformer McDonald’s senior executive Tim Tighe.

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The evolution of Holy Holy is Darwinism at its finest

POPULAR: Times have changed for Aussie band Holy Holy, who are coming to Newcastle next week.
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Just three years agoHoly Holy failed to fill even the smallest of Brisbane venues.

Last month, on the other hand,they returned from a sold-out tour of Europe and the UK and are now headlining a national tour.

Not a bad effort for a band whosefour members reside in three n states –Tasmania, Queensland and Victoria. Songs and ideas aresent back and forth and the band only meets up for a tour, rehearsal, sound-check or show.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Tim Carroll told Weekender it was “completely mind-blowing going to a town you hadnever heard of overseas and playing a sold-out show”.

“I remember in theearly days playing venues with 200 capacity and there weren’t enough people there to even fill the dance floor,” he says.

“But then again, perhaps that was the appropriate number of people because we weren’t really all that good then. Also, the bandwas somethingwe did on the side and the shows weren’t as regular. It was more of a hobby.”

Carroll, though,has been making music his entire adult life.

“I guess it’s part of my identity. I was a solo acoustic singer-songwriter for many years and I had friends who were producersand managers so it was all kind of familiar to me,” he says.

“I started writing music with OscarDawson in 2011 with no clear aim in mind. It was more like ‘Hey you’re a friend and I like your music so let’s write some songs’.”

Dawson, like Carroll, was not new to the music scene. The guitarist had toured with, and writtenfor, electro-rock outfit Dukes of Windsor. Also in Holy Holy is drummer Ryan Strathie, bassist Graham Ritchieand producer-turned-bandmate Matt Redlich on keys.

“Ryan was in Hungry Kids of Hungary and Graham played with Emma Louise and Airling and a bunch of other bands, so when we came together about three years ago we knew what we were doing and had a vision of what we wanted the project to be,” Carroll says.

First albumWhen The Storms Would Comedebuted at number 11 on the ARIA charts in 2015. Support slots for Boy and Bear, The Preatures and Vance Joy exposed Holy Holy to a new audience and sold-out tours followed.

“In Oscar I found the perfect writing partner. I had some strengths as a songwriter and withmy voice and my melody writing, but I didn’t study music at university and have had very little musical training so I’ve always been limited in the way that I could express my musical vision,” Carroll says.

“Oscar allows me to explore a much wider territory of sounds. He has great ideas and I really likehis style. And he’s not really a singer or a lyric writer and so we have this complementary skill set.”

Holy Holy’s second album is due to be released early next year and the first single, Darwinism, is out now. As for dealing with the hype and the media, Carroll is taking it in his stride.

“I quite like interviews. Often I find myself having a realisation about what the f ––– I’m up to because you tend to plod alongdoing what you do until someone asks you some good questions about why you do what you do,” he says with a laugh.

Catch Holy Holy at The Cambridge on November 17. For your chance to win tickets see page 27 of today’s Weekender.Darwinism – Holy HolyTim Carroll

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Short Takes: Friday, November 11, 2016

TRUMP ascending. Told you so.
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Scott Hillard,New LambtonTO the n electorate: I hope you understand you cannot discount the anger and discontent people have for a two-party monopoly on elections after the US result. People were willing to throw a hand grenade into the White House. What would happen if people here decided to do the same?

Dylan Smith, WoodberryAS they say it could only happen in America. Donald Trump as president. What a joke. We all should be a little scared now. Seriously America, what are you thinking?

Colin Geatches, MayfieldWHEN Joe said the age of entitlement was over he meant for Mrs Clinton, obviously. Wouldn’t it be great to have an election and the outcome is no one elected a politician to lead us blindly as always? The big issue will be what to do with all the boat people that will seek asylum trying to escape the asylum that is the good old USA. Hillary-ous.

Steve Barnett, Fingal BayWELL the election circus is finally over in the US, for the next four years anyway. Now bring on the sideshows.

David Davies, Blackalls ParkOOPS. Somuch for the polls, eh? Obviously the silent majority didnot think Hillary was the right man for the job.

Ron Elphick,Buff PointWITH all the money being spent building the track for the V8 Supercars to use for four days a year, I was just wondering if the state government could spend some money getting rid of the Adamstown railway gates that stop traffic every day?Thanks in advance

Matt Ophir, AdamstownAS I see it the American people had Marge and Homer Simpson running for president and they opted for Homer.

Barry Reed, IslingtonTRUMP won, Clinton lost. Get over it.

Margaret Priest, WallsendFOLLOWING on from the hullabaloo of the American election, something comes to mind: the old saying that today’s newspapers are tomorrow’s fish and chips wrappings.A new broom sweeps clean.

Daphne Hughes,KahibahTHE POLLSDO you agree with the decision to extend Wayne Brown’s contract?

Yes 90%, No 10%DOES the NBN cause problems for your telephone services?

Yes 70%,No 30%WERE you surprised Donald Trump won the US election?

Yes 50%, No 50%MESSAGEBOARDBELMONT View Club will meet on Wednesday, November 16, from 10.30am atCentral Charlestown Leagues Club. New members and visitors are most welcome to attend. For more information, please phone: 4951 1524.

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Short Takes: Thursday, November 10, 2016

I WISH to thank the young good Samaritan who offered to pay my fare home from Newcastle Wharf after 3am Saturday because the first ferry was not till 5.15am.I’m a pensioner, knocked by a reversing driver on Thursday before a funeral, spent Friday in St Vincent’s Emergency in Sydney and wound up back in Newcastle at 3am.While I couldn’t accept his offer, I didn’t thank this person enough. I would very much like him to contact me at [email protected]苏州夜总会招聘.au
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Terry Fitzgerald, StocktonCONGRATULATIONS must goto theNewcastle Herald’s editorial and pictorial staff over their uniqueAmerican election coverage in Wednesday’s edition (‘Pet snake ‘eats dog’, tries to kill owner’,Herald,9/11).The, perhaps unintended, front page cover story and accompanying photo stated it all.Between them they demonstrated a keen insight into the underlying United States’ psyche of the day.They also managed to announce a boldly commendable prediction, given thedecidedly contrary pollsleading up untilthe time.Keep up the good work.

StevenMicevski, DungogBEFORE the election, Republican supporters may have been singing I Believe In Miracles, whilst Democrats were thinking: “should we have gone withBernie Sanders?”.

Ron Piper, East MaitlandI WENT on a road trip the other day; and did not see a house along the way; no quick glimpse in a quaint front yard; with the white hot swans; once tyres on a car. On return; stopped but once; yes you save time; but the price we pay is more than freeways cost.

Dave Wilson, Bar BeachOH the irony. How ironic– and so revealing– that Mr Trump deemed the US election a stew if and only if he were to lose.God help America and the rest of us.RIP democracy as we knew it.

Suzanne Russell,Rivett ACTTHE POLLSARE you surprised at the perfluorinated chemical levels found?

Yes 11%,No 89%SHOULD NBN installers test medical alarms after the switch?

Yes 95%,No 5%WHO do you think will win the United States presidential election?

Hillary Clinton 68%,Donald Trump 32%IS a lack of aggression the Jets’ main issue?

Yes 30%, No 70%MESSAGEBOARDAS part of the Fair Share Festival, Transition Newcastle will show the documentary movie The True Costat Newcastle Museum this Thursday, November 10, from 7.30pm. The movie, which was filmed all over the world, examines the environmental and social impacts of cheap clothing. Brisbane-based fashion activist and blogger Jane Milburn will host a question and answer session on the topicafter the screening. Entry to the event is by donation. For details of the event and more information, please visit: facebook苏州夜总会招聘/events/452561034914369/

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Short Takes: Wednesday, November 9, 2016

WHY is the garden at The Junction on Glebe Road so ugly? For decades it has been a beautiful feature of the area, now it is a weed garden of low maintenance shrubs and lavender. Lower my rates and I’ll do it for you.
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Mark Dultry, MerewetherHEY Donald Whatsyname:If all Americans were to cut the barrels off their guns, there would be enough pipe to run water around the world and then melt the rest down and make garden furniture and hand it out to the general population. People would be happy with that. Think man, think.

Ian Garry,AdamstownTHE failure of the plebiscite on gay marriage is probably fate taking its course.Considering the gains in legalities and human rightsthe gay and lesbian society have achieved, it’s probably only fair that the spiritual side has yet to be recognised and accepted.To only have this small hurdle of a word should be the furthermost thought by most. There will be activists who can never be pleased, but those who can remember persecution of the past will be thankful for what is and appreciate some resistance will always be present in a free thinking society.

Carl Stevenson, DoraCreekCOULD it happen one day when deliberately poisoned party drugs are sold to kill hundreds of revellers? Ithink it will.

Steve Barnett, Fingal BayIT is interesting to note that the Liberal Party does not have a consistent policy regarding light rail. Whilst the Mike Baird government is in favour of it, his counterparts in the recent ACT election argued strongly against it. I wonder what the Turnbull government position is.

Nigel Dale,AdamstownTHE comments from Mark Porter (Letters, 8/11) regarding RMS traffic advisory signs raise another serious problem, this time applicable to the M1. I notice nearly all the RMS gantries (cameras etc) on the M1 are now being flooded with inane advertisements. Some are animated thus presenting a threat to driver concentration. These structures must be used for nothing but RMS road safety messages and traffic advisories.

John O’Brien,MerewetherI SPOKE to a man recently who had been in Japan for a time. He said he stumbled across property for sale inNewcastle, New SouthWales, . Rail corridor land. Could this be true?

Darryl Horne,WaratahTHE POLLSCAN Sio replace Uate?

Yes 79.8%,No 20.2%IS an entertainment hub the right purpose for the old Victoria theatre?

Yes 97.5%,No 2.5%MESSAGEBOARDTHE From Central to Hunter Ex-students’ Association will enjoy a Christmas luncheon at Western Suburbs Leagues Club on Saturday, December 3 from 11.30am. Former staff members and ex-students are invited to attend our popular end of year function. Phone 4952 2705.

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